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Built with expertise

Paladin offers in-depth, specialized knowledge in civil, environmental, construction, structural, and industrial engineering that is unmatched in the field. We provide field engineering during construction, investigate failures of facilities, repair damaged facilities, and assist with projects throughout the United States. Our experience has equipped us with a greater understanding of how soil, rock, and groundwater affect facility construction and repair, which helps us to ensure quality builds on all of our clients’ construction projects.

Our engineering staff is experienced in coordinating with regulatory officials, design professionals, and our clients. We assist our clients by preparing design documents and routing projects through the regulatory approval process.

When the project places an emphasis on site development, we bring a broad range of experience from which to base services. Our experience includes services such as:

  • initial engineering site review

  • regulatory review and documentation

  • commercial site infrastructure design

  • residential subdivision design

  • site grading

  • site drainage

  • erosion control improvements

  • utilities

  • paving design

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