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Our Values

Mission & Values
Our mission is to transform how projects are managed toward improving project outcomes, ourselves, and the profession.
Core Values
1 Ethics and Integrity
We are direct, open, and honest in everything we do. We avoid conflicts of interest. We operate within the highest standards of ethics. We rely on a strong moral compass as our guide. We challenge actions that are inconsistent with our values. We follow through on our commitments, every time. We rectify any mistake or disappointment with our work.
2 People First
We value and respect diverse backgrounds and opinions because we believe they contribute to the best solutions. We put in the necessary hard work to sustain relationships. We build relationships by focusing on mutual trust, respect, and appreciation for the client as a person. We consider employee welfare to be a daily priority. We willingly make short-term sacrifices in the interest of long-term relationships. We value staff who develop rewarding, long-term PMA careers. We respect peer firms.
3 Shared Success
We openly share knowledge, as we believe collaboration with peers improves our work product. We believe two heads are better than one. We bring zero drama or politics to a situation. We align ourselves with our clients’ needs as this enables us to do our best work and create the best outcomes for everyone. Everyone, at all levels, contributes to the goal as we believe there is no such thing as “that’s-not-my-job.” The success or failure of one reflects on the entire team. We share in and learn collectively from our mistakes.
4 Passion for Learning
We seek first to understand by asking questions. We value spirited debate that challenges issues, not people. We embrace new challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve. We develop deep technical knowledge in what we do. We invest ourselves in developing emotional intelligence as a skill. We continuously cultivate knowledge as a means of satisfying our Mission. We view mastery of our knowledges as a lifelong pursuit.
5 Aiming High
We challenge ourselves every day to live to our full potential. We go the extra mile to exceed client expectations. We challenge the status quo to raise the industry’s standards. We are passionate, self-motivated, and enterprising. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We firmly believe good enough is not good enough. We promptly acknowledge and address client concerns.


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